Leave A Review/Comment for “The Banquet” book

4 thoughts on “Leave A Review/Comment for “The Banquet” book

  1. The Banquet takes us on an adventure through the parable of the Great Banquet. Parables, much like fables, consist of characters in unique settings. Despite how picturesque this setting appears, problems start to arise. How Jesus works to resolve these problems much defines the parable.
    In The Banquet, Ron dissects this parable into well sorted chapters leaving nothing unturned. His reflective questions that follow each chapter help us take part in this task allowing us to get the full meaning of the parable. It gets us thinking and asking ourselves just what we would do.
    This short chaptered , easy to understand book is a must . It opens us to the many challenges Jesus faced, how he handled these tasks and who in fact had trust in him. And adventurous journey from start to finish. A job well done!

  2. Ron writes with a gripping style.He provides a window into both religious and secular thought. ‘ The Banquet ‘ offers great potential as an evangelistic tool. It aptly and concisely describes why the invitation to the banquet is the greatest invitation anyone can accept.

  3. It was a awesome read thank you 🙏 Ron for sharing the word of God looking forward to reading your next book 📖

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