Leave A Review/Comment for “Radical Apprentices” book

3 thoughts on “Leave A Review/Comment for “Radical Apprentices” book

  1. What a terrific book, Ron. Learned loads about the first century church. Love the word pictures, humour, original language and other background information you provide throughout the book as well. You really bring the characters and themes in Acts to life and apply them to the 21st century. Reads like a devotional/commentary. Excellent work!

  2. Once again Ron Mahler’s writing holds substance and weight for the believing Christian of the 21st century. He offers the reader humour, thought-provoking challenges and stirs up an excitement in my own heart to dare me to be radical for Jesus in these last days as the church was when it began. Love this quote from Mahler: “The early believers appear to have been a radical brand of disciples who had little use for walking by sight or leaning on human might; they were much too busy running on faith!” (p96)
    Radical Apprentices is well worth the read and the absolute best of the three Ron Mahler has written. He’s becoming one of my favourite Canadian writers. Bravo Mr. Mahler!

  3. I happened to be reading through the book of Acts when I got a copy of Ron’s book. This gave me a new perspective on Acts and made the text come alive. What impressed me the most was the connection made between Paul and the disciples radical response to their trials and the need for current day radical disciples to challenge the status quo and modern day lassitude. I would love the see a companion study guide. Well done Ron.

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