Leave A Review/Comment for “My Fanatical, Regrettable…” book

Be one of the wonderful people to comment on my first book.  I dare you!  I will respond to every comment left. Thanks a bunch.


6 thoughts on “Leave A Review/Comment for “My Fanatical, Regrettable…” book

  1. I eagerly read Ron’s book and have taken up the challenge to first-time “blog” my admiration for the finished product! Ron has knit together his observations and learnings as a pastor into an engaging book. Anyone who has been involved with leadership in the church will identify with at least some portion of his story.

    Ron’s personal journey is shared with an honesty that is refreshing where many are reluctant to speak “the truth in love”. The message is put forth humbly and supported with biblical references. The humour sprinkled throughout the book assists in keeping tough situations “in perspective” and yes, made me laugh (e.g. – p. 61)

    Without giving away the ending, the book wraps up with astute recommendations for leaders (a must-read for people newly going into ministry) and hope for the church despite trials experienced.

    I look forward to further discussion with you Ron. I believe your book will help others prepare for/appreciate better ministry work and God will be glorified.

  2. As I read through Ron’s book I began to know him in a deeper way. He is truly passionate about Jesus but his desire to share the gospel sometimes results in challenging situations. He writes from his heart.

    Ministry personnel will find themselves in similar circumstances at sometime in their lives. Ron seems to have found continuous trials in his. Through everything, his faith in Jesus never fails and that is what makes this book so powerful.

    Church life is not a panacea and a way to stay out of trouble. God uses all circumstances to grow us, mold us and change us. People in churches have that opportunity; to learn forgiveness, grow open hearts and learn to love – no matter what.

    It is essential for churches to find ways to do these things – Christ must be at the centre of all and prayer must be first and foremost.

    Personalities can threaten the vitality of a church. Pastoral abuse is a common outcome. Ministry personnel need to learn to get past themselves and into God. Satan will use any method to destroy worshipping God.

    Ron has opened the door for dialogue among church leaders. Let’s use this opportunity to pray and seek God’s guidance in building a strong unified body of believers.

    Well done, Ron.

    “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).


  3. I found your book a very interesting read, it captured my interest as I followed you through every trial and victory. I felt your pain as I read about the cruel way you were treated by people who claimed to be Christans. I admire your perseverance as you continue in your quest to serve the Lord, I’m afraid I would have “packed it in”. Thank you for loving the Lord so much that you “hung in” there, I so appreciate you.

  4. Well this book really open’s ones eyes to the journey a pastor can have in the ministry and I do not think people think about this much. I was so sorry to read about christian’s behaviour’s I think we all need to think about what our actions do and what consequences they can bear on our pastor, and the body of Christ. And when the bible asks us to pray for those who are in authority over us , we need to do this more and take it seriously,for we all have human issues even pastors, with and need of the Grace of Christ daily. As I read the Bible and the people of the bible , I see that the greats in the bible had alot of issues also, like Paul for instance, he struggled all the time with people whom he was bringing the gospel, so May the LORD guide you and strengthen you Ron on this journey. Our prayers are with you and your family, and I appreciate you. Matt. 11: 28-30


  5. My Fanatical Regrettable Tour Of Ministry is a soul barring and heartfelt journey. The brilliant use of analogy added a touch of humour, even through the difficult parts!
    This book is a great read and I believe in the end will leave you feeling hopeful for the future.
    Ron, I am certain that your experience will be extremely beneficial to those who may wish to choose this path, are on the path, or for anyone choosing to treat others with dignity, compassion and respect.

    Linda Fleishman

  6. As a past member of one of the congregations that Ron writes about in this book, I would like to say that he has said very well so many of the things that are generally not said about the trials and challenges of ministry. It is a testament to both Ron’s faithfulness to his calling, and to God’s faithfulness.

    In telling his story, Ron is able to describe heart-rending encounters and unbelievable confrontations with church members in a voice from which bitterness and accusation is absent. This book is highly recommended for anyone who has been through the hurt of a broken church community, and especially for those in ministry who may be questioning their decision as a result of resistence and hosility from those who should be supporting and encouraging them.

    Ron’s story is a moving account of how, in the midst of fear, anxiety and perceived failure, God can restore hope to our lives.

    – Jeremy

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