Where can I buy the books?

The books are available in the computer bank of every major bookstore in North America through Ingrim books in Print.   Notable options for buying my four books: “My “Fanatical, Regrettable Tour of Ministry”; “The Necessary Christian”; “Radical Apprentices” as well as my new release: “THE BANQUET” are listed below:

Online: castlequaybooks.com; Amazon.ca; .com, Barnes & Noble, Chapters and Indigo books; i Tunes https://greatcanadianauthors.com/books/419

Stores: on the Great Canadian Author shelf of select Christian bookstores across Canada, and can be ordered at any Christian bookstore.

The books are also available in eBook formats such as AmazonKindle, Apple iPad, Sony eReaders, etc.

If you plan on purchasing “My Fanatical” please note: 

Whether you are a pastor, the friend of one, a pastor’s spouse, a lay leader, elder, seminary student, or just a Christian who enjoys reading widely in terms of spiritual topics, this book will impact you.  There is something in the book for everyone.  I have filled the pages with stories (many of them, my own), word pictures, illustrations and various literary themes.  Tucked in-between personal accounts of ministry-related heartaches and discussion pertaining to sensitive spiritual issues, are pockets of humour, self-deprecation, and last but not least – a battery of scripture references.  The “tour” is waiting for you to get on…!  Enjoy the read, I think…

If you plan on purchasing “The Necessary Christian” please be warned:

You will be challenged!  If you want a light, fluffy read that makes you feel comfy as a believer, do not buy this book! This book will leave the reader spiritually stirred and praying for Christian revival and renewal in these last days and end-times!  The content of The Necessary Christian has one aim: for God to use it to resuscitate the lagging spiritual heartbeat of His people.

If you plan on purchasing “Radical Apprentices” please realize:

You will be inspired by the faith and story of the early Christians as they worshipped the Saviour of the world amid a backdrop of the oppressive Roman Empire.  Warning: you may develop a holy dissatisfaction with a safe and mundane spirituality and Christianity after reading the book!  You may even fall in love with the book of Acts, and more importantly, Jesus Himself–all over again.   This book won a contest and hopefully it will win your soaring approval!



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